What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology has been successfully used in physical training for decades and is expanding rapidly throughout the fitness world.

How does EMS work?

In short; EMS is the stimulation of muscles by passing electrical impulses through them. Mimicking the signals that are sent from our central nervous systems during exercise, in the same way causing our muscles to contract. Effectively and conveniently targeting individual or multiple
muscle groups.
EMS training in essence gives you the results of a long workout in half the time.

Training with EMS

As a personal trainer the satisfaction of my clients and doing whatever’s possible to help them
reach their goals is the top priority. With that in mind, it’s important for me that my clients have
access to the latest and best training methods available.

After assessing training with an EMS; I believe that it offers too many benefits to be ignored.
For anyone such as myself, elite athletes or someone looking to get healthier or fitter; an EMS is key for rapidly improving results.
access to the latest and best training methods available.

Since investing in EMS and incorporating it to my clients workouts it’s proven to be a must have.

What is EMS training actually like?

You can use the EMS as a complement to your regular workouts and enhance the results. If time is tight you can also train specifically short workouts together with the EMS and still yield the same results as a regular long workout that requires double the time. During the workout you wear a highly advanced EMS suit containing internal electrodes, so no loose wires are hanging in your way.
Like a regular training session, you can additionally feel the toning effects and extra recruitment of muscles through receiving a light massage from the suit, and totally painlessly of course!


EMS training has been proven to enhance:

  • Muscle growth and performance.
  • Fat Loss.
  • Sports performance
  • Core stability and injury prevention

The sooner the better.

No matter your goals or starting point, everyone from elite athletes to those interested in maintaining or improving their health and fitness, EMS is a game changer for all. Numerous scientific studies reveal EMS to be highly effective, even for those at an already advanced fitness level or only getting started now.

When you start EMS training the difference is instantly noticeable and the results rapidly follow suit. From the moment you incorporate EMS to your workouts you’re already leaps and bounds closer to achieving your goals and a healthier stronger body. EMS training is available now and you can view the different options here on our website. Get started with EMS and be swiftly on track to your best shape!

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